RSL Preamp/PS Combo


The RSL Preamp and Power Supply work together to give you the utmost in musical dynamics and realism. The pair is loaded with features and flexibility to make your listening experience both fun and fulfilling. This combo includes:

·   RSL Preamplifier with internal boards installed for four line-level inputs. If you need a phono input, also order MM or MC boards (on previous page) and they will be installed with your preamp before delivery. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to order.

·   RSL Power Supply with heavy duty mains cord configured for your country.

·   High quality cable with DIN connectors for coupling the Preamplifier and Power Supply.

·   Special DIN-to-RCA breakout cable for input/output #4.

·   Accessories including: two (2) remote controllers; spare batteries; an Allen wrench for accessing the inside of the Preamp; and a full color printed User Manual.

·   Engineered and hand-built with care, tested and listened to before shipping, and comes with a 60-day "no questions asked" return policy (you pay only for return shipping) plus the units are warranted for 2 years for all parts, labor and shipping costs.

Flexibility and features abound in the RSL Preamp:

·   4 inputs, including the option for a MM or MC phono input by replacing internal boards (order phono boards separately). One DIN connector is Naim “Tape” (input/output) compatible.

·   Selected input indicator will be brighter than the other three. In addition, two LED intensity light modes for comfortable listening in lighter and darker rooms.

·   3 outputs, two standard outputs (one RCA and one DIN/Naim compatible via the Power Supply) and one line level output which bypasses the volume control for home theater, headphone amp, A-to-D converter, or tape function. Power Supply has two DIN outputs for easy connection to Naim amps and crossovers.

·   Volume (Alps infinite resolution pot), Selector switch, Balance, Mute, and Mono/Stereo functions.

·   Remote "radio" control Volume, Mute and Mono/Stereo built-in. Unlike IR-type controllers (think TV controller) the RSL remote doesn't need to be pointed at the unit to receive your signals - a real convenience.

·   Modular internals with RSL-famed plug-in boards for output and time-aligned circuitry (all plug-in boards are Naim compatible).

·   Adjustable overall gain (3 positions set with internal jumpers).

·   Selectable attenuation of 0db or 10db on Input 2 (usually CD input) if desired to better match phono Input 1 (set with internal jumpers).

·   Professionally machined enclosures with solid aluminum knobs - it not only looks good and sounds good, it also feels good!

Click here to see the Preamp User Manual in our Support section for additional description of features.

Technology behind the Preamp/PS which enables its dynamic sound::

·   3-level voltage regulator topology for maximum control of the power to the audio circuits.

·   Double-thick copper mother board with individual star ground traces to each input, output and amplifier board to minimize crosstalk and modulation.

·   Highest quality WIMA film capacitors in the audio chain.

·   Thin film resistors throughout the audio chain for lowest noise and distortion.

·   Special output relay configuration for absolute quiet when muted.

·   Relay controlled input selection for the shortest possible signal path.

·   High quality CMC RCA connectors with gold plating and Teflon insulation for optimum signal transfer to inputs and outputs.

·   Power Supply with an oversized transformer and "audio grade" storage capacitors – provides the power and control to support the incredible dynamics of the preamp.

·   State-of-the-art linear voltage regulator integrated circuits with superior transient response that make every note stand out.

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